Friday, August 29, 2014


         Here is my room, reflecting who I am and how I am. My walls are covered in amazing colors of aqua blue and dark purple. I have pictures on my walls that describe who I am. There is one picture that is a picture of a cat. My bed is high in the sky because its a loft bed, and my sheets are in an array of all different colors. I have a desk underneath were I put my feelings into drawings, and my grandmothers clock that she gave me when she passed away, and last is my radio for my musical likings. I also have a lot of books i read before i go to bed 
My floor is covered in a carpet of white. It is amazingly soft between my toes. I have a drawer next to my bed where I put all my clothes, and my secret box for my most beloved things. I have a basket of clothes I don't want that, Serena, my sister put in my room because she didn't want it in her room. 
I have a magnificent collection of shoes. That my strong shoe rack holds. It also holds my jewelry box that my grandma gave me when she past. It is shaped like a heart because I want to hold it close to my heart forever. 
I have shelves full of my things that help me live my life. I have a furry clock. That is yellow. I also have a mailbox that is sorta tiny and I keep all the things I have to do the next day. I check it every morning. In my closet I have a mirror and a drawer that I store my clothes in.

I am rich beyond measures.