Friday, May 8, 2015

Authors Note For Choose Your Own Adventure

                   My story is about a brave young knight who gets the mission to go save the princess from the evil Schrek. he has captured the princess because her father and him are old enemies. The young knights name is Sir Lancelot. He takes adventures through dark forest just to save the beautiful princess. If he does save the princess he gets her hand in marriage. I made my story in inspiration and then put it into google docs. After goolge docs I put it into a keynote and put buttons on it so you can go to certain pages. I think my story turned out pretty nice. I thank Emily for helping me, because she was a great partner. What i liked about this project was the freedom we got to write our own story that we liked rather than having a certain topic we had to follow by. What I did't like about the project was finding the pictures because it was harder to find one that was a good picture and still labeled for reuse.

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